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About Numbi Juice

Numbi Juice, LLC was developed by Washington, DC area Chef Ama Hammah (Founder and Creator). She was drawn to create this company and drink, due to its native roots from her homeland of Ghana, which is enjoyed in a lot of countries around the world. Her goal was to bring that part of her culture to the public and beverage industry.

In addition to Numbi Juices being a refreshing drink, the recipes contain all-natural ingredients (i.e.. hibiscus flower, ginger, pineapples, etc.) that contain possible healing properties that range from aiding as an anti-inflammatory, benefiting blood pressure, cholesterol and aid in digestion.

All of our drinks are cold-pressed and brewed fresh for your enjoyment. The cold-press and brewing process protect and preserve the nutrients of the ingredients, while still getting all of the healthy benefits that they contain.

Currently, we offer three varieties that can be delivered straight to your door!


Hibiscus Tea
Ginger Pineapple
Hibiscus Ginger Pineapple

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